Private VOR

Who does a private VOR (Verification of Rent)?  The state is Arkansas.  I have two of them that I have to place. Not much response last time, seems it was buried in the doomsaying, but I need to find out who is still accepting Private VOR/VOM with 586 fico at 80% LTV?

I don’t work for any particular lender, I work with several professionals that work within the financial industry. Prior to me forwarding your request; if you are not interested in providing answers to some basic questions as I have provide below, I will not be able to forward your request to my funding source. FYI, I personally will not be requesting your SS# or other detailed privacy info.

One thought on “Private VOR

  1. So, you are saying that you are a broker… just like the person asking you the question. Here’s a suggestion… provide the answer… the name of the lender…. the entire purpose of the group… This isn’t the forum to troll for co-brokering opportunities… People looking to do that are better off just going and laying by their dish…

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